Who Am I?

I was assembled in England, then shipped to Canada, where I acquired a personality, but I never read the manual, and that explains everything. 

I've always drawn cartoons, as well as a few comic strips, but I've also published a few novels with Fawcett and Doubleday Canada over the years.

Here they are:


The Kramer Project, Doubleday Canada, 1975. 
The Fox Trap, Fawcett, 1978. 
The Prey, Fawcett, 1977. (paperback available at Amazon.com ) 
The Toymaker, Fawcett, 1984. (paperback available Amazon.com) 
The Keeper, Fawcett, 1986. 
Deadly Admirer, Fawcett, 1987. 
The Leopard, Fawcett, 1988. 
Vampire Notes, Fawcett, 1990. (paperback available at Amazon.com) 
Silent Witness, Fawcett, 1991. (paperback available at Amazon.com) 
Fate, NovelBooks, Inc.,October 15, 2001, Fictionwise.

Books for Children

Ponty and the Storm Machine
Ponty Saves the Hippopotamuses
Ponty and the Lost Trucks

Internet Serials

The Ducks of Doom, humorous fantasy available at Smashwords 
Ponty and the Lost City of Atlantis
Ponty's Quest for Camelot